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Video course.
Increase your traction with the right sales automation and multichannel strategy.
Build your first GTM strategy and funnel




A tailor-made Sales Accelerated System.
2+1 sessions with me focused on how to apply the Sales accelerator system to your company



Multiple 1:1 session or fractional projects


2. Drem big

Dream Big, 

A tailor made Sales Accelerated System

€ 300 for 2+1 sessions + access to the video course for free

Many business owners and entrepreneurs avoid selling.

But this is a critical error.


Because of this, they never took the time to learn the mechanics and true art of selling.


Until the time comes in every person’s career when they must learn the skill of selling.

And it is more critical for business owners. Sometimes they try to avoid this problem by hiring salespeople. 

But often, that doesn’t work. 

Even professional salespeople usually only learn a few basics about their craft.


They typically learn a few fundamental skills and they keep repeating it (together with the mistakes).


That's why I have built a program to help you create a tailor made Go To Market Strategy based on actual needs.


  • You are a Founder, CEO  or a Sales person willing to create/validate and execute a professional sales process. 

  • You want to get the best of automations to improve your sales results.

  • You want to create a multichannel sales process.

  • You have a natural ambition to scale your business and challenge yourself

  • You have an initial traction (but you want more)

  • You want to launch your new product/service or business and are looking to create your first GTM Strategy

  • You recognize that you need external help 

If you answered YES to all, then let's speak!

The first step is a 45 minutes call. 

In this live sessions I share the secrets about what works and what not that I've learnt during the last 15 years of my career as SDR, Sales Manager, Founder, CEO and Mentor.  

On of the plus of this course is that we will brainstorm about your business, market opportunities, strengths and weaknesses and see what holds you from moving to the next step! The Sales accelerator system will be applied to your reality and to what can really work for you and for your company.

I suggest you to opt for this course if you are looking for help building your first Go To Market Strategy to launch your product/service or business, or if you have already an initial traction but you are looking for robust ways to increase your sales funnel in a relatively short time. 


1. Multichannel acquisition strategy

2. Competitive Intelligence: take advantage of your competitive advantage

3. Define your Sales targets, build a solid funnel step by step

4. Build your "Sales Automation team" in 3 days

5. Create a scalable "go-to market strategy"

on top you will receive a free access to The Sales Acceleration System video course


Click the links below and purchase the module. 

After the purchase you will receive an email to book the first slot.

Please answer all the questions you will see to better qualify the meeting.

The first brainstorming session will help to better define goals & Expectations and select the next slots.


360 Strategic Advisory

€ 100 - per single 1:1 session 
€ 360 - multiple sessions (min 4x)

If you are interested in strategic consulting/coaching for your personal development or for the benefit of your company get enrolled in the 360 Strategic Advisory program.


You can opt for a single 1:1 session or a series of sessions (min 4x) in case you recognize the topic cannot be addressed in a single meeting. 

You will receive an invitation with multiple questions, answer them in order to make the call effective.

See the areas of expertise below and make sure to select it during the invitation process. 


- Strategic Planning: multiple senior roles at corporates (2x) covered, direct reporting to CEOs; Resp. on 10+M program budget; 500+ resources managed; 3x founder, angel, scout and startups mentor 

- Sales: Track record of successful projects helping B2B and B2B2C companies.  300% avg increase by project. Creation of market penetration plan, Go To Market Strategy and product launch. Over 13+ years of experience. 

- Fundraising strategy & plans: From Data Room creation to pitching. I have helped raising €1M+ to my companies

- People management: In my career I set up teams up to 40+ resources on multiple locations. I acted as unique point of contact between divisions. I have been a people manager and a mentor


Click the links below to select a single 1:1 or the multiple sessions. 

After the purchase you will receive an email to book the first slot.

Please answer all the questions you will see to better qualify the meeting.

We will develop one project/topic per time. 

In case of single session we will focus on your goal and terminate the session with a clear action plan.

The sessions are 1 h length each (except for the 1st  of the multiple sessions).

2. Strategic advisory
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