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The Sales Accelerator System

​Ideal for new founders, startups that are looking for a strategy to penetrate the market

  • Ended
  • 75 euros
  • Video Course Online

Description of the service

Many business owners and entrepreneurs avoid selling. They don’t want to be labeled a salesperson. But this is a critical error. Because of this, they never took the time to learn the mechanics and true art of selling. But there comes a time in every person’s career when they must learn the skill of selling. Even professional salespeople usually only learn a few basics about their craft. And then they spend the rest of their careers operating under this initial, foundational knowledge With this video course You will be able to create what it needs to launch your first professional Go To Market Strategy, penetrate your target market and go-live with 4 different acquisition channels. What is included: ​18 video lessons 3 action plan 1 Resource file and a bonus video BOOK IT FROM HERE:

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