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Ideal for founders, CEOs, senior managers and startups that are looking to scale

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Description of the service

If your interested in strategic consulting/coaching for your personal development or for the benefit of your company get enrolled in the 360 Strategic Advisory program. You can opt for a single 1:1 session or a series of sessions (min 4x) in case you recognize the topic cannot be addressed in a single meeting.  You will receive an invitation with multiple questions, answer them in order to make the call effective. See the areas of expertise below and make sure to select it during the invitation process.  ​MY AREAS OF EXPERTISE:​ - Strategic Planning: multiple senior roles at corporates (2x) covered, direct reporting to CEOs; Resp. on 10+M program budget; 500+ resources managed; 3x founder, angel, scout and startups mentor  - Sales: Track record of successful projects helping B2B and B2B2C companies.  300% avg increase by project. Creation of market penetration plan, Go To Market Strategy and product launch. Over 13+ years of experience.  - Fundraising strategy & plans: From Data Room creation to pitching. I have helped raising €1M+ to my companies - People management: In my career I set up teams up to 40+ resources on multiple locations. I acted as unique point of contact between divisions. I have been a people manager and a mentor HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS: Click the links below to select a single 1:1 or the multiple sessions.  SINGLE SESSION: MULTIPLE SESSIONS: After the purchase you will receive an email to book the first slot. Please answer all the questions you will see to better qualify the meeting. We will develop one project/topic per time.  In case of single session we will focus on your goal and terminate the session with a clear action plan. The sessions are 1 h length each (except for the 1st  of the multiple sessions). ​ ​You need suggestions and/or tips on how to make the next move. You are looking for partners, investors, the right accelerator program. You want to consult with a startup expert. Let's talk. Book a free session and let's see how I can you!

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