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Strategic Advisor and Founder

I am Pasquale Rufrano, Founder of MY3E a sales acceleration and fundraising service for startups & SMBs.

I have spent the last decade working for corporates building teams from 0 to 500 FTEs, managing €10+ M yearly budgets. 3x Founder. Former water-polo player and father of 3 boys. 

At the end of 2019 I decided to quit my corporate path and dedicate all my passion helping startups founders, sharing my knowledge and experience.

You can define me as a  business manager with 15+ years of experience in senior management roles. Entrepreneur and creative with a corporate background. 

During my multi-industry and multi-cultural experience I have gained specific skills about Leadership (I have hired, managed and motivated teams up to 40+ people sometimes remotely); Business Operation and Finance (I have been responsible for full complex programs up to € 11 M and 500 FTE on multiple locations (Brno, Wroclaw and Hungary); Entrepreneurial (I have established 2 startups (1 as co-founder and 1 exit, controlled or helped founding startups) and Online Sales & Marketing (managing a team of Sales and Marketing professionals) as well as promoting the culture of high performance standard and collaborative working environment for clients, colleagues and peers.

Able to work across all lines of business as general advisor and as a trusted partner. Focused on improving efficiencies and processes, strategic planning, designing and implementing innovative solutions.

I have a multicultural and international professional experience since I lived and worked in 6 different countries (Italy, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic and Israel) and for 4 different verticals.

I always enjoyed from mentoring young founders or leaders. I did it since I was Program Manager for IBM. By the time I founded my first startup I realized how wide must be the CEO background in order to be successful but most important I understood how crucial is to be a good Sales guys for a CEO, 

With time I started to collaborate with many accelerators and startups organizations. As a scouter for early-stage B2B SaaS startups (I still do that) and I am trying to contribute to a greener world by helping as much as I can renewable startups.

I specialized in sales acceleration to B2B SaaS and B2B2C startups, Fundraising strategies and plan as well as being a trusted Strategic Advisor whenever requested helping startups from idea stage through MVP and getting initial traction or helping senior management to tackle hard decisions.

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